Project Sheet Productive Innovation

Project designation:Increased production capacity to enter in the luxury segment ready-to-wear
Project code: NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-180644

Main objective: Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs
Region of intervention: North
Beneficiary entity: Arpitex – Comércio e Indústria de Confeções, Lda.

Date of approval: 14/06/2022
Start date: 01/11/2021
Conclusion date: 30/06/2023
Total eligible cost: 484.701,00€
Total innovation eligible cost: 484.701,00€
Financial support from the European Union: FEDER – 109.057,73€

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results:
This project by Arpitex – Comércio e Indústria de Confeções, Lda. (180644) aims to increase production capacity to enter in the luxury segment ready-to-wear.
In this sense, the acquisition of a cutting machine for small series, aimed at the luxury segment, is planned.
When moving towards segments with higher added value (luxury and haute couture brands), it must guide its processes for maximum quality and efficiency. Cutting is now done with high precision, eliminating PM waste and allowing for greater defect control.
At the same time, the implementation of software will allow the management and monitoring of the production process digitally and in real time, as well as more detailed design of parts in 3D.
In 2020, it had a total Turnover of 6,958,669.03 euros, with around 98% of that amount going to the international market and the remaining 2% to the national market.
The main objectives are identified:
– Increase his business volume;
– Increased production capacity;
– Entry into new market segments;
– Entry into new international markets and increase in international turnover;
– Introduction of sustainability principles and industry 4.0;
– Create new qualified jobs.

Results to be achieved in the post-project year, stand out:
• Gross Added Value of more than EUR 1.8 million;
• Creation 6 qualified jobs;
• Turnover of 8.3 M EUR.

Consulting Entity: B&F consultores, Lda.