Project Sheet Inovation

Project designation: Arpitex: creativity and innovation at the service of internationalization
Project code: NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-014723 NORTE-06-3560-FSE-014723

Main objective: OT 3 – Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs
Region of intervention: North

Date of approval: 2016-04-14
Start date: 10/1/2015
Conclusion date: 09-30-2017
Total eligible cost: 210,613.96 Euros
Financial support from the European Union: FEDER: 116,969.33 Euros FSE: 9,399.04 Euros

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results:
With the present project, the beneficiary aims to implement a new production process allowing the creation of a new range of products – technical articles of sport / fitness, with greater added value, with useful and differentiating characteristics such as greater resistance, impermeability, breathability and comfort. In addition to professional-level sportswear, you also want to offer a range of complementary products and casual sportswear.

Its main objectives are:
– To be one of the reference companies in the region;
– Be a known and respected company in the markets where it operates;
– Fostering relationships of trust / work with customers and suppliers;
– Provide a wide range of quality products;
– Provide the services to the client with the full compliance with the deadlines;
– To invest in the permanent investment in equipment and materials to meet the challenges of growth and the demands of the market;
– To have a dynamic, professional and competent team;
– Betting on sustained growth and strengthening its position in current markets and the conquest of new markets.

a) workers who consider themselves most suitable for innovation and management after the frequency of training: Survey of trainees after the completion of training actions;
b) Indicator I1 – Gross Value Added – GVA (post-project values): 1,010,601.52 Euros;
c) Indicator I2 – Creation of Qualified Employment – CEQ (post-project values): 3 Job;
d) Indicator I3 – Turnover – VN (post-project values): 4,851,722.35 Euros.